Yerevan Beer Factory

Founded Year: 2005

Employees: 400

Industry: AI, ML, IoT

About Company

Yerevan beer factory was founded in 1952.Currently the company produces 12 sorts of beer, 10 sorts of natural juices and nectars, as well as 13 sorts of soft drinks. “Louzinian” mineral water is also being bottled by the company. “Kilikia” beer, which is produced in strict compliance with the centurial traditions of Armenian beer, has numerous times established its high class in many international exhibitions by acquiring 30 gold, 3 silver, 2 bronze medals and 3 “Grand Prix” prizes and by being awarded plenty of certificates. Since 1997 the product of the factory has been launched under the brand “Kilikia” and now it is considered to be the most popular beer brand in Armenia. Over these years we tried to work as professionals, renewing and enhancing the tasks we face, which aimed to create a high-quality product. Our slogan is to create a product, which is the best among the rest.

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