Founded Year: 2005

Employees: 400

Industry: AI, ML, IoT

About Company

6 Tastes represents various fruit sauces made of unripe, yellow, red cherry plum, sloe, cherry, dogwood, apricot, grape and other fruits. They go well with any type of meat and a side dish of pasta and potatoes. The uniqueness of 6Tastes sauces is in its recipe subtlety, making the taster fill all the tastes simultaneously, then smoothly passing to the accent taste for each certain sauce. We continuously test innovative recipe opportunities to expand the assortment of 6 Tastes products to satisfy the growing needs of our gourmet consumers. 6 Tastes sauces are made of juicy fruits grown in Armenia, soaked up with the plentiful energy of bright Sun and freshwater. Special weather conditions of temperature difference between day and night ensure unique rich taste of the fruits and herbs.

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