Founded Year: 2005

Employees: 400

Industry: AI, ML, IoT

About Company

AND LLC was established in 2014 and is engaged in gardening and beekeeping. The company collaborates with leading European gardening and beekeeping organizations by using modern technologies. In particular, for the apple orchards (with saplings imported from Europe) that are located at the base of mountain ISHKHANASAR (the word Ishkhan means “ruler”, “nobleman”) (1800m above the sea level) the company is using drip irrigation system and anti-hail nets. As for the beekeeping, the company collaborates with German and Danish organizations that produce beekeeping materials and technologies. The bees are located in ISHKHANASAR and in QARVACHAR where the pure honey is produced due to lush and diverse honey productive nature as well as due to the ecologically clean environment.

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